Where's the speficifisfety?
By Cui Yin Mok Follow | Public

Independent dance artists Lee Ren Xin (Malaysia) and Lee Mun Wai (Singapore) jointly present a new collaborative work, Where’s the speficifisfety?, which zooms in on the micro, the detailed, and the nuanced. The work looks at the space between two bodies (or entities) in a room, exploring how each entity listen to — and negotiates with— the propositions and responses within and between themselves, and with their environment. The audience thus bears witness to the performance of the present moments as the artists meet, engage and negotiate with each other, and attempt at relating even as the relationship shifts, culminating in a series of delightfully delicate (and occasionally precarious) encounters.

Lee Ren Xin is a dance artist living in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. In the past 3 years, when she wasn't dancing for someone else, she was concerned with researching and making performance experiences which go against expectations whilst remaining viscerally accessible. She is always striving to make space for layered alternative readings or imaginations in her work, in the hopes of stirring people to consider alternative ways of making sense and of living with each other. More recently, she has been researching into how her delving in performance can find more relevance to the local city and communities, as she believes that is where change starts.

One of the more notable faces in the Singapore dance scene, Lee Mun Wai embarks on a new phase of his professional development as an independent dance artist after seven years with T.H.E Dance Company (2008 to 2015). As one of the founding members of T.H.E, he danced in most of T.H.E’s repertoire and performed in seminal festivals such as Les Hivernales in Avignon, France, as well as the Oriente Occidente festival in Rovereto, Italy. He has also performed in China, South Korea, Poland, India, Indonesia and Malaysia, and worked with some of Asia’s most sought after choreographers including Xing Liang, Kim Jae Duk and Boi Sakti. In 2014, he received the Young Artist Award from the National Arts Council.

As a choreographer he has created works for T.H.E as well as T.H.E Second Company. These works have been featured prominently at local dance festivals and events. One of his recent works, Permission To Speak Sir, was performed as part of a showcase of Singapore’s artistic talents called Singapore: Inside Out. Throughout 2015, the showcase travelled to Beijing, London and New York, and closed with its homecoming stop in Singapore.

Now, as an independent dance artist, he has already performed and created for several notable performances. This includes I Am LGB by Loo Zihan at SIFA 2016, and a work for Frontier Danceland. In February 2017, he presented a dance piece responding to controversial local playwright Elangovan's banned plays as part of a residency at Centre 42.